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Wurld 3D Gaming Engine

Wurld is yet another 3D gaming engine. It is light, fast, has minimal external requirements, and is still very immature. It is Python scriptable, including support for generating models using 3D turtle graphics.

Current activities: Implementing sphere/polygon collisions.

External dependencies

  • GTK 2.0

  • Python 2.4

  • SDL 1.2

  • OpenGL


wurld 0.5 2007-09-22
  • Made the player object a Movable

  • Added sphere/plane collision detection algorithm

  • Fixed problem with the font loader on some X-Servers (shows up as a "bad font" error, it is the result of closing the XServer connection that the font was created from prematurely)

  • various fixes to collision detection

  • Added gravity (although it is still undocumented).

  • Added some debugging tools

wurld 0.4 2007-06-10
  • Implemented Positional audio

  • Support for rendering of 2D graphic panes into the HUD

  • textured Sphere primitives

  • point/Sphere collision algorithm

  • allow hiding the mouse cursor

  • fixed callback argument leak

  • C++ usage fixes required by new G++ compiler

  • Added argument type checking for generated types.

wurld 0.3 2007-04-14
  • Added collision detection framework

  • Fixed issues with inconsistent lighting

  • Fixes and enhancements to TextPane.

wurld 0.2 2007-03-04
  • Scriptable key bindings

  • Object rotation support

  • C++ exceptions are now caught from the python bindings and translated into python "RuntimeError"s

  • Large polygon tesselation to fix lighting problems

  • Converted normal calculation to use right-hand rule instead of left-hand rule for consistency with everyone else

  • HUD object framework and basic text objects.

wurld 0.1 2007-02-04

Initial release. Basic engine with Python bindings, turtle graphic model generation, some lighting support and basic movement.

Screen Shots