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Who is Mike Muller?

That would be me. The handsome fellow you see in the picture below.

And this about sums up where I'm at:

Name:              Michael Alan Muller
Height:            5'11"
Weight:            [we'll not discuss that]
Hair color:        brown
Eye color:         blue
Sexual preference: hetero
Marital status:    married with kids
Religion:          Zen practitioner since June 1999
Political Party:   Libertarian
Profession:        computer programmer
OS:                Linux

Essay Questions

Favorite programming language

At this time, my favorite programming language is Crack, the language I created. I find I can do whatever I want in it faster and easier than anything else.

Other previous favorites include Python, C++, and Perl. I still like Python, and still do work in C++. Perl has mostly been relegated to one-liners.

For elegant compiled languages, nothing beats C.

I will always have a warm place in my heart for LISP. God codes in Lisp (explaining why the universe has taken billions of years to run).

Operating Systems

I use Linux exclusively at home. Why would anybody want to use an operating system that doesn't come with its source code?

I used OS/2 at work during most of the 90's, worked in various UNIXes later (mostly Solaris and AIX). In recent years I've been working entirely in Linux. I have thus far managed to avoid doing anything but minimal development on any Microsoft OS's, and hopefully will continue to avoid them.


I had really long hair well into my 20s, but around January 96 I began shaving my hair down to an eigth of an inch twice a year, thereby minimizing hair-maintenence. I started growing it again when my second child was born and now look like a hippy again, especially since I've grown my beard out.

Favorite passtimes

Computer programming, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, singing, playing guitar and keyboards, and writing songs. And, of course, Quake.