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PyESD - An Enlightenment Sound Daemon Wrapper for Python

The Enlightenment Sound Daemon (aka EsounD) was written by Eric B. Mitchell based on a prototype by Carsten Haitzler. It provides a sound interface for the Enlightenment window manager, part of the GNOME project. PyESD wraps the EsounD interface using the SWIG program. This version of PyESD was based on version 0.2.8 of EsounD, and still appears to work with version 0.2.17.

In addition to providing a SWIGed wrapper around the standard ESD library, PyESD also provides a small class library to give a more standard object-oriented flavor to the API. So, for example, the following code:

External Dependencies

  • Python (Last compiled against 2.5, but any recent version should work)

  • SWIG (using 1.3.31, mileage may vary with other versions)

  • libesd


pyesd 1.1.2 2007-11-17

Brought everything up to date with the latest python and SWIG.

pyesd 1.1

This is the earliest released version that I have. Mainly provided for historical reasons.