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2006-01-15 The Journey Home

According to Einstein's theory of General Relativity, space and time are the same thing. We are always traveling through this medium, spacetime, at the speed of light. If we imagine time to be another dimension of space, then our 3D-space velocity is the portion of that speed-of-light velocity that is contained within the spatial dimensions - the greater our 3D velocity, the slower we're moving through the time dimension. If we are motionless within the spatial dimensions, all of our velocity is allocated to the time dimension.

By this analysis, our trip home (with its high 3D-space-velocity) put us further back in time than we would have been if we'd stayed put. Probably not very much, as we were traveling nowhere near light speed. Maybe a few bazillionths of a second.

Much more noticable was the distortion of "biological time", a combination of being awake for over 24 consecutive hours and flying against the course of the sun.

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2006-01-12 Jenny vs the Volcano

Yesterday was our "day in Hilo". After our morning litany, we headed off Northeast up highway 130, past Pahoa and then to highway 11. Our first stop was the Pana'ewa Zoo.

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2006-01-10 Polar Opposite

Yesterday we packed up the car and said goodbye to Mauna Kea. We were off to the other side of the island, for the final leg of our trip in Puna.

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2006-01-09 Offline?

Today we check out of the Mauna Kea resort. We will be driving across the island to Puna for the final leg of our journey. We will be staying at the Zen Lite cottage there, and we are looking forward to a few days of peaceful self-sufficiency.

I'm not sure what we'll be able to get in the way of internet access there - I'm pretty sure I'll at least be able to use my dial-up account, so hopefully we'll upload a few more posts during our time there, but it seems unlikely that we'll have a high-bandwidth connection. So no more pictures beyond the set that we are uploading right now.

We had one adventure yesterday - we drove up North through the town of Hawi (pr. "Haa' vee") and continued through the more tropical regions of the island.

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2006-01-06 Beach

I haven't blogged for a while - there's not much to blog about here. What do can you talk about when all you've been doing is laying around on the beach?

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2006-01-03 Mauna Kea

Yesterday, we put our bags into the trunk of the renta-car, checked out of Kiahuna Plantation, voiced our regret at leaving Kaua'i and got on a plane to Oahu. We would soon be on another flight to the Kona airport on the Big Island.

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2006-01-01 Happy New Year!

Our New Year's Eve celebration was quite subdued, but we made up for it today - we hiked into the Waimea canyon.

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2005-12-31 'Copters and Kayaks and Falls, Oh My!

Yesterday after a little lunch in our condo, Jenny and I got in the car and headed out to the Lihu'e Airport for our helicopter ride around Kaua'i. After going through the formalities and riding across the street to the helicopter pads, we climbed into a sweet little chopper with our fellow passengers, a family from Nevada.

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There's something about Hawaii that infuses one with a trememdous sense of peace and well-being. Maybe it's just the warm sunny weather. Perhaps it's some narcotic effect produced by the emissions of the tropical plants. Whatever it is, Jenny and I noticed it pretty early on, and I'm now going to blame it for not having updated this blog in several days.

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2005-12-27 Exploring

Jenny wanted for us to explore the island by car and see some of the sights along the way. We're always into a good long drive, so we packed swim-suits and towels and headed off counter-clockwise around the island.

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2005-12-26 F*&^ing Aloha

Yesterday morning, (after a night of very restless and limited sleep) we got up at 4:00AM Eastern time, did our morning activities and drove to Stewart Airport to catch a 7:30AM plane to Chicago. From Chicago, we'd be flying to the island of Maui, and from there we'd be hopping to Honolulu and then finally Kauai, our ultimate destination.

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